FAQs on Ante Nuptial Contracts

What do I do if I have lost my Ante Nuptial Contract

ISo you cannot locate your original Ante Nuptial Contract that you signed all those years ago, and cannot recall the Notary that prepared and registered the contract. Ante Nuptial Contracts are not often referred to, and so it is not unusual for parties to the contract to mis-place the original. If you can recall who did your ante nuptial contract for you, it would be possible for you to get hold of that Notary, and ask for a copy of the original that they have in their file. When you entered into the agreement, two original documents were signed. The one was returned to you (or should have been) after it was registered at the Deeds Office, the other original was kept by the Notary. If you get a copy of the original held by the Notary, it will not have the Deeds office registration stamps on it though. At Marriage Seal, we offer a service to anyone (even if we did not do the original agreement for you) that has lost their contract. We will trawl through the Deeds office records to locate their copy of your registered contract. If you wish for us to provide this service for you, click "HERE".