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Sonia Corris (BA LLB)

Proprietor, Sonia Corris, having graduated in 1991 with BA LLB degrees was admitted as an attorney in April 1994 and as a conveyancer in August 2006.

While a wedding is an exciting time in the life of a couple, as they come together as one in union, Sonia’s aim is to assist and equip her clients with the knowledge to determine which marital regime is better suited to their present and future needs and in this way to ensure that they are afforded the necessary legal protection... Read More >

Marital Regimes Governing Marriages in the Republic of South Africa

Marriages concluded in South Africa are regulated by our common law, such marriages are known as marriages in community of property, however, our law affords parties the opportunity to contract out of the common law by virtue of an antenuptial contract which may include or exclude the accrual system. Parties entering marriage may choose to marry either:

1. In community of property;
2. Out of community of property with accrual alternatively
3. Out of community of property... Read More >